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Energy Sins: IT’S JUST SO COLD

2 February 2009

Okay, this weekend was pretty fabulous – almost 50 degrees in Minneapolis!  It felt so good to shed the long underwear and hat to spend a few hours outside without it being painful.  And then Monday came…and it’s horrible again.  Even though I work full-time around energy efficiency and conservation, when the winter is as hard and dark as this one, sometimes I slip up a little bit….I have an energy sin to confess.

Specifically, I just can’t get enough of long, hot baths these days! My apartment is relatively comfortable, but I still feel brutalized by walking around, hunched and tense in the cold wind.  There’s nothing quite like relaxing in some hot water.  However, that hot water is using more energy than if I just bundled up in a big blanket or took my usual 5 minute shower.

HERE’S THE THING.  Very few of us can be TOTALLY energy efficient 100% of the time – and that’s okay! Energy efficiency isn’t about doing everything perfectly, but about making good choices.  So, I’ve been taking some long, hot baths – not very energy efficient.  But in turn, I have been driving less and taking public transportation more – very energy efficient!

Do you have any energy-intensive coping mechanisms you use to get through our winters?  And what do you to do “balance the scale”?

(If you’re looking for ideas, the Minnesota Energy Challenge has a few pointers….)

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