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Real World Impact: Dead Zones

12 January 2009

Here at the Minnesota Energy Challenge, we reduce our energy use for many reasons – to save money, to make our homes for comfortable and to help reduce greenhouse gases in Minnesota.  Our legislature has set a statewide goal to reduce our emissions 15% by 2015 and we want to reach that, for many different reasons.  The real world impact of increasing greenhouse gases is already affecting every family, community, country and living being on our planet in ways that are incredible and disturbing.  For example, the Contra Costa Times has an interesting article on the phenomenon of “dead zones” off of our nation’s coasts where any marine animal that can’t swim or scuttle away fast enough is suffocated from lack of oxygen.

For Chan, the phenomenon drives home the sensitivity and dynamism of the ocean, which responds swiftly to atmospheric changes.  “We shouldn’t be seeing these big changes, not in something as simple as oxygen levels on our coast,” he said. “And we’re seeing these big flips.”

The good news is that we can all take action today, easy and cheap, to help fight these changes to places that we hold dear.  Take the Minnesota Energy Challenge and reduce your energy use!  Taking that five minute shower or switching to a more efficient light bulb helps.

:: Treehugger, Costa Contra Times

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