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Friday Links

9 January 2009

fridaylinksIf you haven’t yet heard of Van Jones, keep your ears perked – he’s set to revolutionize both justice work and environmentalism with Green for All and his movement to create a sustainable and inclusive green collar economy.  The New Yorker has a great piece on Jones, his evolution as a community leader and environmental visionary and the solution he sees to our compounding environmental, social and economic problems. :: The New Yorker

Help save handmade toys in the USA! The Handmade Toy Alliance is asking for our help to assist small local toymaking operations who may be driven out of businesses by provisions in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that mandates third-party testing for all toys.  If you’re into local, chemical free and lovingingly made toys, you should probably check out this website. :: The Handmade Toy Alliance

Green Your Wii. Ever since learning about the incredible financial cost of the phantom load of video game systems, I’ve become a teeeeeny bit obsessed.  Luckily, Planet Green has some great concrete tips for decreasing the power useage of your video game systems – so you can play without wasting.  :: Planet Green

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