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Top Challenge Teams: Neighborhoods, Government Agencies and Environmental Groups

30 December 2008

Some people take the Minnesota Energy Challenge very seriously – and it shows through their numbers!  These organizations have gone above and beyond to promote energy efficiency and conservation in their communities.

#1 Neighborhood Team – Longfellow, Mpls.

Longfellow is one motivated neighborhood!  Through grants from the City of Minneapolis, participation in a new and exiciting pilot residential energy efficiency program and the dedication and interest of residents, Longfellow has pulled through difficult competition to be the #1 ranked neighborhood on the Challenge.  Keep up the good work!

#1 Government Agency Team – Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

The MPCA provides a weath of important information to Minnesota, including guides on reducing waste, environmental education and pollution prevention, not to mention being the major organizer of the Eco Experience at the State Fair and the Living Green Expo.  So it’s no suprise that they’re the most active government agency on the Challenge!

#1 Environmental Group Team – Phillips Community Energy Cooperative, Mpls.

PCEC is a great example of how a small nonprofit can make a huge difference in their community.  Through an ambitous and popular appliance trade-in program, classes and other outreach, PCEC is making serious strides in bringing cost-effective energy efficiency to the Phillips area.  Not to mention beating out much larger organizations on the Energy Challenge…

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