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Top Challenge Teams: Congregations and Schools

29 December 2008

Leadership is incredibly important in both of these teams; both in faith communities where people go for both spiritual nourishment and life guidance, and schools where the next generations are learning skills to carry them through their lives.  And these two top teams are making a real impact through their promotion of the Minnesota Energy Challenge!

#1 Congregation Team – St. Joan of Arc, Mpls.

St. Joan takes the message of creation care one step further by encouraging their parishoners to take real action to reduce their carbon footprints through the Minnesota Energy Challenge. And their leadership has not gone unnoticed by other congregations who are working towards similar goals.  St. Joan’s families are pledging to reduce their carbon footprints by an average of 16%!

#1 School Team – Prior Lake High School.

Students are, beyond a doubt, some of the most passionate and dedicated advocates for reducing emissions – and Prior Lake is at the top of the bunch.  Through partnerships between teachers and students, Prior Lake is promoting the Energy Challenge and energy efficiency and pledging to save over $104 thousand every year!

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