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Top Challenge Teams: Cities and Facilities

24 December 2008

2008 has been a great year for the Minnesota Energy Challenge.  We’ve added thousands of new members, talked to hundreds about energy efficiency and conservation – and making a real difference in the world!  All our accomplishments could not be possible without all the amazing residents who help organize and promote their Challenge teams. From block parties to computer kiosks, we could not be successful without the work of these great teams.  There are eleven categories of teams: cities, facilities, businesses, clean energy resource teams, congregations, schools, neighborhoods, government agencies, environmental groups, block clubs and “others.”  As we mosey into 2009, a year full of promise and opportunity for energy efficiency, we’d like to take the time to mention and thank all our #1 teams who are putting in extraordinary effort to bring efficiency to their communities and make an impact. Thank you!

#1 City Team – Minneapolis.

Okay, it makes sense that the biggest city in Minnesota would have the biggest team.  But the Office of Sustainability has put a lot of effort into promoting efficiency  – they deserve it!  And with over 6,600 households signed up and pledging to reduce their use, Minneapolis is making a real difference.

#1 Facility Team – Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Mpls.

Thrivent underwent a significant project to make their downtown facility more energy efficient, which helped reduce their building’s carbon footprint by over 11.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide.  Thrivent has a dedication to sustainability that inspires both their members and other businesses.

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