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Last Minute Gifts!

23 December 2008

We’re down to the wire, here, people; Hannukah has already started and Christmas is mere days away.  Still looking for a few gifts for the important people in your life?  Why not give the gift of efficiency! Here are a few easy, quick and practical gift ideas that you can easily find in the next few days that will help the recipient save money in the months and years to come.

  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs. You know, they come in a lot of colors, shapes and sizes now.  Head to your local hardware store, or for specialty items like three-way bulbs, decorative base or crazy colors, check out Menards.  Perfect stocking stuffer!
  • Smart power strip. Unlike regular power strips (which are still very effective), smart strips can sense when main appliances or electronics are turned off and cut the power to the whole strip.  Perfect for an entertainment system or computers.
  • Bus pass.  Especially with the weather the way it is these days, there’s nothing like not having to drive.  I especially recommend Go-To passes, which can be re-loaded with money and used practically indefinitely.
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