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Challenge in the News

16 December 2008

Well, okay, I was quoted by the Star Tribune talking about UPonGreen, a cool local for-profit working to help businesses communicate their green actions to consumers looking to support sustainability in their community.  But I think I make an important point:

“The message in society we’re hearing now is, ‘You should do it.’ But that’s not really motivating,” Crane-Smith said. “When a real person provides a model for people, it’s incredibly important when it comes to creating sustainable communities.”

We all need role models and we can all be very motivating for others when we talk about the actions we take to reduce our own energy consumption.  If you use compact fluorescent light bulbs, or take the bus instead of driving to work or started drying your clothes out on the line – TELL PEOPLE! Start conversations with your neighbors, friends, coworkers and kids about the actions that you do to be energy smart, starting with turning off lights when you leave the room up to upgrading the insulation in your home.  You may make the difference between inertia and action for someone in your life.

And, of course, if you need good ideas on actions to take, check out the Minnesota Energy Challenge for lots of good ideas and good conversations.

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