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Driving the Speed Limit: Cross Country Edition

1 December 2008

I’ve touched on driving the speed limit on this blog a couple times (here, here, here and here), but I thought it might be nice to share my little personal testimonial on driving the speed limit and what it has done for me.  Specifically, over the past week when I drove from Minneapolis to Bowling Green, Ohio and back again – an approximately 1,400 mile trip in my ’99 Honda Civic.

According to, my little Honda is supposed to get an average 24 miles per gallon in the city and 32 on the highway.  With tires properly inflated and a trigger finger on my cruise control, I did the entire trip driving the speed limit of whatever particular stretch of highway I happened to be on, which was usually 70mph (with a little 55 in Wisconsin and 65 here and there).  Between Janesville, WI and Bowling Green, OH, I got 40 miles per gallon out of my Honda! I did that entire drive on less than four tanks of gas.

If I had been speeding, and gotten the predicted 32 mpg, I would have shelled out for another gallon of gas entirely.  And yes, I hung out in the right lane the entire time – and it was fine!  Relaxing, even.  Try it for yourself this holiday season.  That extra money can make a difference in these economic times.

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