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Phantom Gaming

21 November 2008

Whether you’re pwning noobs on Halo or staying active with Wii Fit, don’t forget the most important part of the gaming ritual – turn off your console when you’re done.  According to the Natural Resources Defence Council, video game counsoles like the Xbox, PlayStation and Wii are consuming more than $1 billion of electricity a year while sitting idle. Meaning, when you’re NOT USING THEM.  Some consoles have a preset feature that powers off the device after a certain amount of time, but you need to set it up first!  Especially if you have a Sony PlayStation 3, which is the biggest guzzler of the bunch (NRDC has a guide for you).  And lest you think that this is merely an altruistic act for the rest of the country, you can save up to $100 per console that you turn off.  1337 gamers turn off their consoles.

:: Grist, LA Times

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