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20 November 2008

ask-the-expertsI have approx. 5,000 finished square feet in my home. It is a two story with a finished lower level. My issue is, that, one of the bedrooms on the second floor does not heat and or cool as well as the rest of the rooms in the house. I am considering installing a in-line duct fan. My qustion is; does a in-line duct fan provide any benefit and if so, are there any suggestions, tips or comments you could offer?

The room could be hotter or colder than the rest of the home for one of three reasons:

  • Not insulated as well or has larger windows and no solar gain (north side)
  • Has more air leakage
  • Is not getting enough air flow from the furnace ducts at the right temperature.  This is typical for a room that is furthest from the from the furnace or if the ductwork goes through and unconditioned space such as an attic or a garage.  Adding a boster fan will increase the flow of air but will not increase the temperature of the air and will likely not be enough for a noticeable difference.

I suggest you have a Home Performance Inspection done to determine the cause of the temperature difference.

Answer provided by Paul Morin, Senior Building Analyst at the Center for Energy and Environment.

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