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Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2008: Hypermiling

11 November 2008

Each year the Oxford New American Dictionary greets the holiday season by announcing a new word of the year.  This year, that word is “hypermiling,”  or the practice of getting truly psychotic mileage out of cars not generally thought to be very gas efficient (read: not hybrids).  The term hypermiling was coined by Wayne Gerdes in 2004 to describe a range of actions that help increase gas efficiency, ranging from the mundane (get all the extra junk out of your car) to the dangerous (drafting semis).

While we at the Minnesota Energy Challenge can not condone certain hypermiling techniques, it’s proven that simple actions like keeping tires properly inflated and driving the speed limit helps Americans save hundreds of dollars a year and helps decrease carbon dioxide emisssions.  So it might not hurt to try out a few of Gerdes’ techniques!

:: Treehugger

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