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3 November 2008

The Center for Energy and the Environment is pleased to announce the addition of recycling and composting to the Minnesota Energy Challenge! With help from Eureka Recycling and the City of Minneapolis, new categories have been created to calculate the measurable greenhouse gas reductions you can achieve through waste reduction, composting and recycling.

Wasting has significant environmental impacts and contributes to global warming in a big way. In fact, landfills are the single largest human-made source of methane gas (a green-house gas 21 times more potent than CO2). Make sure to log into your member’s area and pledge to recycle or compost, and see what a significant difference it makes!

Eureka Recycling is a local non-profit waste reduction organization that focuses exclusively on waste reduction and recycling. Using the natural world as the model of no waste, Eureka Recycling believes that waste is completely preventable. Their work is designed to give people first-hand experiences with zero waste—at events, in their community, and at home—which directly and significantly saves energy and protects air quality, water quality, natural resources, natural beauty, habitat, and human health. For help with recycling and composting, including information and workshops, contact Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678 or visit their website.

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