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Ask the Experts!

1 October 2008

“How often do you need to insulate the attic? Mine has not been done in about 5 years. How much insulation do you need? And do you put it over the old insulation or pull the old out?”

It is best to have a total of about 14″ of insulation in your attic. Batt insulation could be rolled out over the existing insulation, but blown in cellulose insulation would be better because you eliminate the gaps between the batts.  When installing the batts it is likely that you will trample the existing insulation and blown in insulation will eliminate any gaps between the existing insulation and the batts.

There are two other things to think about when insulating an attic: attic ventilation and sealing attic air leaks.

Answer provided by Paul Morin, Senior Building Analyst at the Center for Energy and Environment.

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