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Everyone can be green

25 June 2008

Star Trib columnist Katherine Kersten recently wrote a rather accusatory article about the Edina chapter of the EcoMom Alliance, a national group of moms working to make their homes and lives more green. Kersten compared the EcoMoms to religious extremists on a crusade and raised an eyebrow at actions like vermicomposting (composting with worms), but ended with this question:

Does EcoMomming have a future outside affluent suburbs?

While Kersten seems to think that going green means spending lots of green, a new article today from the Wall Street Journal suggests the opposite – that the price of green products are becoming even more affordable in today’s market.

The reason is that environmentally friendly products usually have less fossil-fuel content than competing nongreen brands. Their manufacture also tends to consume less oil, since green entrepreneurs favor renewable-energy and energy-saving practices.

As the article explains, it takes less energy to make products out of recycled materials than to create those materials anew – which means if you’re looking for trendy backpacks made out of recycled wrappers and juice boxes, you can get one for just as much or less as a “normal” backpack.

So does thinking green have a future outside the “affluent” suburbs? I think it’s already gone way beyond the suburbs, and I applaud the EcoMom’s work to bring solutions to more families and look for new ways to help people make their lives green. As green products and the green lifestyle become more and more affordable, more people are taking action and making a difference. So, yeah, there is a good future in the distance – and it can be affordable, comfortable and green!

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