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Biking Season is Here!

16 June 2008

For all but the most hardcore cyclists, hopping on top of a bicycle in January seems ridiculous. But with the sun shining and temperatures nudging 70 degrees, it sounds downright pleasant to pedal off to work, the store or the lakes. If you’ve been mulling around the idea of biking, now is the time!  The benefits of biking are numerous:

  • Saves you money! Biking just one day a week saves you a minimum $97/year, not to mention the cost of an expensive gym membership.
  • Good for the environment! If you biked instead of driving just one day a week, it would avoid 811 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution a year.
  • Good for your body! I know when I bike into work I feel more alert, calm, able and invigorated than having to get through morning rush hour stuck in my car. Reducing stress and increasing exercise is good for everyone, and no matter your fitness level or experience, you can make biking work for you.

Here are some resources for budding cyclists interested in getting in shape, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint to boot:

First Steps to Bike Commuting

Share the Road MN – Important Safety Information

Stay tuned for more biking info…

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