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Planet Slayer: Um, NOT for kids

4 June 2008

Apparently there has been a little ruckus in Australia over Planet Slayer, a website created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation whose carbon calculator tells you when you should die based on your use of the earth’s natural resources. After spending some time on the website, I don’t think it’s aimed towards kids. I mean, “Planet Slayer“? It’s definitely more a tongue-in-cheek site for older teens and adults with a darker sense of humor (see the lifestyle quiz that asks you to “see how much you suck”). It’s based on annoying stereotypes (hippie vs materialist! pit stains vs caterers!) but the Planet Slayer game is kind of fun and there’s plenty of features, so if you aren’t offended by exploding pigs, you might want to check it out. Just don’t tell your kids about it.

::Watts Up With That

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  1. Ben O'Neill permalink
    12 June 2008 5:15 am

    Unfortunately, the Planet Slayer website is explicitly recommended for children under the education policies of several Australian Government State and Territory Departments of Education. For references, including a critique of the website, see:

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