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Little red tickets saving $800/month

23 May 2008

It doesn’t always take grand gestures to save energy. As Hollydale Elementary students are proving, something as simple as a little red ticket can serve as a useful reminder – and now their school is saving $800 a month in energy costs! The Watt Watchers team, comprised of Hollydale students, put their warning tickets in classrooms that leave lights on or waste energy in other ways, and the little savings are certainly adding up.


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  1. 28 May 2008 9:44 am

    I entirely agree that the simple, and frequently cheap solutions can be most effective in saving energy. It is strange that governments and corporations hire expensive energy audit companies to figure out expensive retrofits to a facility, and sometimes even install products which do not work at all, when the simple wall switch can be the best power saver of all!

    At Maryland Green Power Co, I always tell my clients that an energy saving lightbulb can save anywhere from 50% to 80% of electricity costs, but shutting it off when not needed will save 100%.

    That is why I have them implement the EnergyMaps program. I am currently working with a couple non-profits and will update my Green Power blog with progess reports.

    Also, the Sierra Club has a good posting on their blog titled “Seven Wonders.”


    Dennis Meizys
    Maryland Green Power Co

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