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Respectful Climate Debate

22 May 2008

I went back to read the comments on a news story about Representative Bachmann’s bill to ban the repeal of incandescent light bulbs and could barely get through a quarter of them. Climate change seems to have become such a bitter, contentious issue that people can’t keep basic civility around them while talking about it. Which is why Don Shelby’s “In The Know” regarding weather forecaster Mike Fairbourne’s view on global warming’s “squishy science” is such a breath of fresh air.

On the contrary, scientists who argue against a human cause to global warming are doing exactly what scientists are supposed to do: push back, hard. They force those, who are certain that human’s burning fossil fuels contribute the warming of the globe, to improve their models, to recheck their calculations, to replicate their experiments.

The skeptics, like Mike, are saying that the science isn’t complete, and demand more proof. Mike has been a handy sounding board for providing alternative theories for consideration around here. One day, everyone will agree one way or the other. But science will only get to the irrefutable stage as long as skeptics hold scientists’ feet to the fire. Link

Thank you, Don, for reminding us that we can have respectful discussions as we all look for the truth about what is happening to our planet and what part we play.

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