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Light Bulbs are Easy – Just Do It!

5 May 2008

The hardest part about taking action isn’t picking out what action you want to take, or even getting supplies, if any are needed. The hardest part about taking action is ACTUALLY TAKING ACTION: getting that extra gumption to do something and make a difference. It’s hard to let go of old habits. Apparently, using incandescent light bulbs is a really hard habit to break – so hard, in fact, that 17% of those surveyed by Sylvania would rather forego sex for an entire month than have to change ONE light bulb in ten years.


Changing a light bulb is easy. You can buy energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs at a lot of stores these days, probably including your neighborhood hardware store. You go home, crack open the packaging, take out that shiny new compact fluorescent, throw away your old wasteful incandescent and bathe in the beautiful glow of saving energy, saving money, being good to the environment and your bank account at the same time.

(video courtesy of Susiesosad)

You can do it.

:: Treehugger

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