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Smart Strips

15 April 2008

I’ve posted about phantom load before: the energy drain that occurs when we leave appliances and electronics plugged in, even if they are turned off. Although it seems like a little problem, some studies estimate that phantom load can account for 10% of household energy use and add up to more than $4 billion in annual energy costs in the U.S.

So, how to fight phantom load? You can walk around unplugging everything when you’re not using it, but if you want to find an easier solution, consider purchasing a Smart Strip. The Smart Strip is a power strip that monitors power consumption and can actually sense when appliances and electronics are on or off. So you can plug your computer, microwave or cell phone charger into special ports on the Smart Strip, and when they are off but still using power, the Smart Strip will shut off the power to those electronics, stopping the phantom load drain.

You can purchase Smart Strips online – I would recommend buying one of their refurbished strips, which will work just as well but cost less.

:: Treehugger

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