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Updates to the Challenge

2 April 2008

You have asked and we have delivered. We have instituted some changes to the Minnesota Energy Challenge that improve your experience using our website to save money and energy in your home and reducing your carbon footprint.

  1. We have improved the carbon footprint calculator’s transportation options!

I think a common frustration with the site was that the calculator assigned every household two vehicles. Although it was fairly simple to “zero out” one of the cars, it was not terribly intuitive and couldn’t accommodate a household with more than two vehicles. We’ve fixed that, so when you take the Challenge or log into your Member Dashboard to modify your Challenge, you can choose from 0 to 4 vehicles for your household.


2. We have updated the Member’s Dashboard to include a summary of the actions you have pledged to take.

Now when you log into your account and visit the Member’s Dashboard, you can easily review all the actions you have pledged to take.


3. We have added more information to the actions.

Confused about the actions we are recommending on the Challenge? Mouse over the little orange question mark icons next to actions to see more information on what the action means and how you can implement it.


So, go to the Challenge website and check out these changes! We always love to hear feedback, so leave any comments you might have here.

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