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Team AM950 in hot water

11 March 2008

Last night on the Mark Heaney Show, as part of my bi-monthly energy update, I talked about conserving hot water and what a big difference it can make to the average Minnesota household. Water heating can be the second largest energy expense in a Minnesota home, and may account for up to 20% of annual household energy costs. So, obviously, you can save a lot of money and lessen your footprint by evolving your hot water use to be more efficient.

One of the fastest, easiest, cheapest and best ways to reduce your household’s water use is by washing ALL clothes in cold water. Yes, even your whites. Unless you are a professional mud wrestler – or, perhaps, you have small children (same difference) – your clothing will get just as clean in cold water as in hot. Plus, washing clothes in cold water will help them looking shiny and new longer than if you were putting them through hot water each time! Plus, you’ll be saving at least $72 a year in energy costs – more if you have a larger family and run more loads of laundry. All by turning the knob to cold – it doesn’t get easier than that.

If you’re interested in getting to the heart of the issue, think about your hot water heater. Is it more than ten years old? Odds are, although it may still be working, it’s working very inefficiently, costing you money and creating more greenhouse gases. The Minnesota Department of Commerce has a great guide on water heaters that you should definitely check out before you take action.

Join Team AM950 (under businesses) today!

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