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Suburban ridership booming in Minnesota

5 February 2008

Leaving your car at home and trying alternative forms of transportation is a quick and easy way to make a big impact on your carbon footprint. In fact, choosing public transportation just one day a week can save over 800 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution annually – and put nearly $100 back in your pocket.

So, it’s great to hear that ridership on Metro Transit’s express services and the major suburban providers has soared by nearly 2 million over the past two years, according to an article in today’s Star Trib. In fact, demand is outstripping resources for many lines, creating packed Park & Ride lots and leaving some would-be public transit goers without options.

Although it’s a shame that MT is without the funding to provide sufficient routes and resources for all those who wish to ride the bus, it’s awesome that so many people are choosing public transportation instead of driving alone to work every day.  Studies have also shown while the jump coincides with a rise in gas prices, a “surprising” number of suburban commuters cite their increasing worry about climate change as a motivating factor.

Sharon Heimerl of East Bethel agrees. “I’m trying to be ‘green’ and leave the car at home.” Emily Miller, coming in from Eden Prairie, says that while “money is an issue, in some ways it’s more environmental. You see the stop-and-go traffic on the crosstown [highway] and just think of all those greenhouse gases.”

Pledge to use alternative modes of transportation and start saving today with the Minnesota Energy Challenge!

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  1. Emily permalink
    7 February 2008 11:01 am

    I used to work with a lot of folks who took the suburban buses and were totally fed up with the short schedules and limited stops…so it’s awesome that people are sticking it out and riding anyway. Hopefully MetroTransit will be able to add service in the burbs someday in the near future…

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