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Minneapolitans are a hardy bunch

18 January 2008

I can barely keep myself from ranting about the weather these days.  Holy moly, it’s COLD.  And yet, Minneapolitans are still biking to work!  Despite our extremity-freezing temperatures, bike commuters in Minneapolis remain committed to commuting the green way.  Minneapolis ranks second in the nation for bike commuters, behind only Portland among the fifty largest cities in the US.  Several of my coworkers are among the brave, the well-insulated 2.5% of Minneapolis commuters who reported that they rode their bikes to work in 2006.  And they’re still biking, although the high for today isn’t expected to break into the double digits.

So drivers, keep your eyes open for these hardy bikers and give them plenty of room to navigate our icy, snow-crowded roads.  For every day that they abstain four-wheeled transportation, they’re making a difference.  If you want to join their proud ranks, see how much you can save on the Minnesota Energy Challenge.

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