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Recycling CFLs through the mail

20 December 2007

Because compact fluorescent light bulbs last so long (up to ten times longer than an incandescent), you really don’t have to worry about recycling them too often. However, the time does come when your faithful CFL reaches the end of its useful life and it’s time to say goodbye. In Minnesota, you have three options for recycling CFLs: first, to take them to your local household hazardous waste center; second, to take them to your local hardware store; and now, third, mail them in!

Veolia Environmental Services now offers the RECYCLEPAK® Consumer CFL Recycling Kit, an easy prepaid kit that makes recycling CFLs as easy as going to your mailbox. Each kit comes with a container, protective poly liner and instructions for return shipping and recycling. When you have filled the container, follow the instructions then give the package to any letter carrier or bring it to any USPS facility for shipping. The kit is $20.00, which includes all shipping, and will hold up to 12 small CFLs and 6-8 medium to large CFLs.

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  1. linksubs permalink
    30 January 2008 6:00 am

    Excellent recycling information in this post. Reminds me of the innovative ways of recycling that Planet Ark loved about eWreckers.

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