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Dear NPR: You Rock.

6 November 2007

I am a huge fan of public radio to begin with, so discovering National Public Radio’s Climate Connections program basically cemented my undying love for NPR and their quality coverage. The Climate Connections program features stories on humans responding to climate change in different times, places and cultures, with particular focus on adaptation to global warming and survival strategies.

This morning’s story is about scientists setting controlled burns in the Amazon forest to research how forest fires contribute to climate change. Their findings are fascinating:

All told, it’s a lot of carbon. A big tree here stores about 1.3 tons of carbon. Worldwide, the cutting and burning of forests contributes about one-fifth of the carbon going into the atmosphere.

Climate Connections also features stories on climate change in the Bible, genetically engineered rice in Asia, the urban heat island and the sudden disappearance of the Anasazi people in the Southwest, to name a few. NPR’s program provides many different perspectives – cultural, scientific, historical – on climate change and its effects on our world. I highly recommend it.

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